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My name is Amreen Poonawala (pronounced um-reen pooh-naa-waa-laa). I enjoy working at the intersection of education 🎓, management 📈, and technology ‍👩🏽‍💻. Here's a little bit about me!

🎓: I am currently a student at Harvard University studying Technology, Innovation, and Education. I am always willing to geek out about #edtech.


📈: Previously, I worked at Accenture where I focused on digital strategy, product management, and e-commerce transformation. This was back when traveling was a 'thing'.


 ‍👩🏽‍💻: My undergraduate degree was in Industrial Engineering. I admit that I only realized what industrial engineering truly meant in my sophomore year (and I loved it).

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Engagement is decreasing as online learning becomes more prevalent. This analytics plug-in provides actionable insights to educators.

Coming Soon


Children face targeted marketing every day. ADstronaut, a space-themed game, aims to improve ad literacy in kids, one ⭐️at a time! 

Coming Soon
Virtual Reality

Limehouse VR

97% of people who don't finish online courses due to low engagement. This VR marketplace allows you to learn immersively in a 3D setting.

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Featured Projects

Working on a Computer

Dungeons and Distractions

A game for neurodiverse children (especially those with ADHD) to recognize their strengths and learn how they can combine their skills with those of neurotypical children to collaborate and complete tasks.

This game was created as part of T581: Advanced Design Studio.

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